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Playground Guidelines

Playground Guidlines

The playground begins at the fence behind the last row of classrooms.  Students are not allowed by or in the creek.

Students are expected to:

      *Walk quietly to and from the classroom.

      *Follow directions of supervisors.

      *Play in designated areas only.

      *Students must request a pass to go to the office.

      *One person per drinking faucet, others must stand behind yellow line.

      * When ball goes over fence, students must not retrieve it.  Students are to notify the playground supervisor or their teacher.

      *Football is not allowed

Play Safely:

      *No wrestling, fighting or rough play.

      *Nothing is to be thrown (rocks, tree twigs, etc.) other than authorized playground equipment designed for throwing.

      *Ropes are for jumping.  No other rope games are allowed.

      *No locked games (Exception: Only 7 on a basketball team)

      *Avoid interfering with the games of others.

      *Share space and equipment.

      *Use appropriate language.  No threats, put downs, profanity or bullying behavior will be allowed.


When the bell rings, all games and activity will stop immediately.  Students must walk to their designated line up area, holding all equipment.


Plalyground Equipment Safety Rules

Swings - Take turns on swings.  Count 25 swings for each turn, (each swing is indicated by feet coming up).  One person at a time.  No twisting chains, no jumping out of swings.

Monkey bars - Remain in motion on the bars.

Chin-up bars - One hand must be on bars at all times. (NO deadman drops).

Slides - Slide one person at a time, sitting down only.  No jumping off.

Ball Wall - For large balls only, no hard balls.

Kicking Balls - on lower playground only.


No swinging on the tetherballs, volleyball nets, or basketball hoops.

No chasing or touching others/ NO HORSE PLAY on campus.

No loitering or running in hallways and bathrooms.

Students must be able to see a Noon Supervisor at all times.

Students cannot play behind the storage containers.

Students cannot play on the "fire lane" next to the cafeteria.

Students should not play near the entrances in back of school.

Students must walk quietly to and from the restrooms and drinking fountains.

Students are not allowed to run or make noise in the hallways and corridors.

During snack recess, students are not permitted to socialize with students on the pink slip bench.