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Policies & Procedures

General Behavior

Each student is expected to:

Come to school for the purpose of learning

Follow classroom rules

Respect the rights and property of others

Be courteous

Walk quietly and orderly in the corridors

Play safely on the playground

Follow directions of supervising adults


Medication at School

Students are NOT allowed to take medication at school without an "Authorization to Administer Medication" form on file in the school office.  This includes "over the counter" medication.  If a student needs medication, that is not on file in the office, medication will be confiscated and a parent will be called.  An adult must come to the school and administer the medication.

You may obtain a copy of the form from the office.

Injuries and Accidents

All minor injuries are handled by the teachers or the noon supervisors.  Some students are sent to the office for ice and band aids.

In the event of a serious injury to a student, necessary first aid will be given and the parents will be notified.  If the parent(s) are unavailable, the administration will contact those persons lised as Emergency contacts. In the event of an extreme emergency, the student will be transported to the nearest hospital at parents' expense

Lost and Found & Personal Possessions

Students are responsible for all personal possessions.  Names should be marked on all clothing, backpacks, ets.  Toys/collectables are not allowed at school.

All lost and found clothing is kept in the MU.  It may take a few days for articles of clothing to show up. Small personal items are kept in the office.  Parent volunteers attempt to return found clothing.  Once a month the items will be taken to a nearby charity.

Dress Code

Shirts and tops must have shoulder straps at least 1 inch thick if they are sleeveless.  No bare midriffs.  When you raise your hands and your tummy shows, your top is not allowed at school. Tops should not slide off the shoulder exposing skin or spaghetti straps.  Tank top arm outlets should not show skin below the armpit. 

No inappropriate words or pictures on shirts.

Shorts and skirts must be at least as long as your fingertips when you hold your arms to your sides.

No baggy pants/shorts may be worn at anytime.

Underwear, including cotton rib "A" style undershirts may not show at any time.

Extra long belt ends hanging from the buckle as well as large chains are not allowed. ( This is not referring to traditional jewelry).

You student should wear athletic shoes on days they have P.E.

No shoes that have "wheels" or "spinners" in the soles are allowed.

High heel shoes and platform shoes are not allowed.  Heel height is recommended to be 1/2 " to 1" or under. 

No flip-flop sandals.  

No sandals without a strap around the heel.

Hats may not be worn inside any building.

Makeup and fake fingernails are not allowed.

No mohawks or bright colored hair is allowed.

If you student wears inappropriate attire, you will be called to bring a change of clothes