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Visitors & Volunteers

MDUSD policy state that ALL people interested in being a volunteer must have fingerprints taken and a current TB test on file at the District in order to volunteer in any capacity with students at PHE.  This includes field trips.

To make an appointment for fingerprinting:
Go to the MDUSD website at:

Then choose "Parents & Community tab, then "Parent Portal" and choose Volunteer information.  You will then make an appointment online to have your fingerprints taken.

Bring a valid copy of your TB results that is no more than 60 days old.

Bring the MDUSD Fingerprinting Form (Once on the MDUSD website, select "Parents" and scroll down to the Fingerprint form.  English and Spanish are availble online and in the PHE office).

The cost is $ 32.00, cash only.

Volunteers are welcome at Pleasant Hill Elementary.  Some parents work at home correcting papers, making games, center's materials,  Others volunteer in the classrooms, library, and our PE programs.

Everyone coming on campus during the school day MUST sign in at the school office, and wear a visitor's badge.