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Arriving/Departure/Parking Lot

Students may arrive 15 minutes before school begins.  When they arrive, they are to go directly to the playground through the corridors along the west side of the school or the driveway on the east.  On rainy days, students go directly to the Multi Use room.

Student supervision is provided from 7:50 am to 2:45 pm.  Parents/Guardians are responsible for children before and after these times.  All students are to leave campus promptly upon dismissal and go directly home or to daycare.

When dropping off your student before school, please drop your students in front of the school by pulling up to the office.  Please have your student exit the car from the left passenger side.  DO NOT have your student exit the car and cross in front of traffic.  Please do not enter the staff parking lot in front of the office from the wrong direction.  Only park in handicap parking if you have handicap placard or plates.

If you wish to walk your student to the classrooms, please park your vehicle in the visitor's parking lot and walk your student.  Do Not leave your car parked in the drop off circle in front of the office.  Do not "double" park behind parked cars.

When students are late in coming to school, they first must come to the office to receive a late slip to allow them into their classroom.

Bike riders are allowed in the bike area ONLY.  Bikes are to be locked  in the bike area.  NO bike riding on the playground, between rooms, or in the corridors.  NO skate boards/rollerblades/shoes with rollers are allowed on campus.

When picking up your student, circle around the front of the school until your student comes to your car, escorted by a volunteer.  Arrange a pick up spot for you and your student to meet.  Students  may NOT play on the playground until you come pick them up.  There is NO supervision on the playground.