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Transitional Kindergarten:

Brittney Joachim  room 36  email:


Transitional Kindergarten / Kindergarten Combination

Madeline Scott-Brown room 10  email:



Karen Abramson room 1 email:

Danielle De Torres room 2 email:

Carla Rosales room 9 email:

Lisa Zagone room 8 email:



Amy Herrington: room 11 email:

Assistants: Nancy Hutchins, Toni Nillasca, and Rosy Medina


First Grade

Diana Hong room 28 email:

Anne Meyer room 19

Tess Nicosia room 27 email:

Robin Parks room 20 email:

Marianne Strum room 35 email:


Second Grade

Renee Bryan room 30 email:

Marcia Elliott room 21 email:

Mary Gableman room 23 email:

Shirley Richards room 29 email:

Liz Roberts room 30 Fridays only  email:


3-5 Combo

Monica Campos room 19

Assistants: Eric Everettson, Petya V., Mary Jo Velasquez


Third Grade

Karley Bohner room 15 email:

Julianna Chequer room 33

Maryann Croy room 33 email:

Lindsay Jury room 17 email:


4th Grade

Jim Brown room 18 email:

Tanette Maffei room 32 email:

Maria Pedroni room 32 email:

Stephanie Waters room 31 email:


5th Grade

Dan Sheffield room 34 email:

Casey Strum room 26 email:

Jackie Welch room 16 email:


Inclusion Teacher Support

Kellye Dutro room 14  email:

Assistants:Rachel Gramcko, Chris McCoy


Reading Intervention - 

Jeanine Williams room 7A  email:

Assistant: Bo Un Yang



Brooke Hennriksen  room 22  email: